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The Baltic PR Weekend will be held 19-20 September in St. Petersburg.

Invitation to The Baltic Weekend International Communication forum

Uutiset, Markkinointi & Mainonta, Tiedotus, | maanantaina 02.09.2013 - Toimitus

We invite you to take part in Baltic Weekend International Forum that will take place on 19 – 20 September, 2013 in Saint Petersburg. Baltic Weekend, previously known to the professional community as The Baltic PR Weekend, has become the largest international forum on communications in Central and Eastern Europe for its 12 years’ history, uniting over 400 delegates from different countries annually.

Development of the global information environment and introduction of new technologies turn communications from an accessory function into a strategically important management tool. That’s why Baltic Weekend unites not only Russian and foreign communication, marketing and advertising practitioners, but also top managers of biggest companies, state authorities, media business leaders, heads of industry associations, political analysts, representatives of educational institutions and non-commercial organizations – in short, everybody who is concerned with development of professional and ethical communications.

Baltic Weekend is a joint project of the Russian Public Relations Association (RASO), SPN Ogilvy communication agency and the International Public Relations Association (IPRA).

Baltic Weekend is a winner of one of the most prestigious international PR industry trophies – IPRA Golden World Awards.

Over 5 000 specialists from 22 countries have taken part in the forum since 2001. During the twelve conferences over 200 experts have delivered their reports and 87 panel discussions dedicated to global and national trends in the development of PR and marketing communications have been held.

Baltic Weekend attendees are welcome to enjoy a special accommodation offer in Corinthia St. Petersburg hotel during the forum. For further details, please contact Accreditation Manager Anastasia Makarova at +7 (812) 380 00 07 or at .

Detailed information on the project and registration:

Svetlana Zabeyvorota

+7 812 380 0007



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