A US and international audience of 200 attended and got in-depth accounts on the case of HK Potku by TBWAPHS and TBWATango, where a new consumer segment representative of lad culture was discovered and led to the innovation of a new subcategory between meals and snacks of packaged meat, pushing a declining category back in black.

The next presentation lifted the audience high: SEK (Grey) had a radical approach in order to triple the sales of replacement elevators of Kone by focusing on end users instead of the usual construction managers, crystallising the message to “50 % is a lot more”.

Finally, Taivas and Ego (Ogilvy) has revolutionised the entire real estate agent business in Finland with an innovative web-based service giving the power to the people by enabling them to earmark desirable dwellings as well as experiment sales with silent sales. A media buzz soft launch was followed by exceptional means of traditional advertising. The client, Igglo, is actually a spin-off from the agencies themselves.

The Showcase Team Finland consisted of Jere Teutari (TBWAPHS), Antti Lauslahti (HK), Lauri Gulin (Taivas), Lauri Toivonen (SEK) and Markus Leikola (MTL). The 11-strong Finnish delegation was an outcome of the first project in MTL Finland’s internationalisation programme.

MTL Finland is the leading trade industry body for the marketing and communications services branch. It is the only organisation of its kind in Finland representing 114 leading enterprises – mostly creative agencies, media agencies and PR agencies, but also an increasing number of new types of services. MTL was founded in 1942, has its seat in Helsinki and is a member of international bodies such as EACA and ICCO.

The marketing communications industry in Finland had a volume of 440 million euros in 2007, with a growth rate of 10.0 per cent. 10-15 % of the business is attributed to international operations with lead agency projects to all continents.